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selected work
     features and profiles

The story of sitting (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ A cultural history of sitting in Japan.

Big Forecast (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ Feature on the sakura forecast.

DJ Nobu on breaking free (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ Profile of the Japanese techno musician.

Theaster Gates on Afro-mingei (The Japan Times, 2022)

/ Interview with the American artist about his installation "The Listening House."

/ Profile of the Japanese writer, author of Convenience Store Woman and Earthlings.

What's not in a name? (The Believer, 2022)

/ An historical inquiry into the weight of a name in America.

/ Profile of the Bolivian architect, whose buildings have become status symbols in El Alto.

Emotional self-defense  (Quartz, 2018)

/ Feature on a gender-based violence prevention program that teaches boundary setting and hug avoidance.

Bogus bestsellers (Quartz, 2017)

/ Mini-investigation on a no-name author who gamed the NYT bestsellers list.

/ With Nikhil Sonnad, a look into the relationship between language, culture, and drawing. Recipient of  a bronze Malofiej Award and a gold award from Kantar’s Information Is Beautiful Awards. 

/ Feature on self-published romance writers making bank. Recipient of the Veritas Media Award from Romance Writers of America.

     reviews and criticism

Marina Abramović's "Dream House" (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ Sixteen hours in an overnight installation in rural Niigata.

Yayoi Kusama's legacy (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ Critical essay on the artist's Louis Vuitton takeover.

/ Review of the Akutagawa prize-winning novel about food and feminism.

/ Review of the South Korean mental health memoir.

Ghibli Park (The Japan Times, 2022)

/ Critical essay on the Aichi park and what it means for Studio Ghibli's legacy.

Setouchi Triennale 2022  (The Japan Times, 2022)

/ Dispatch from the festival's lesser-known islands.

/ Review-essay on the New Mexico land work.

/ Review of the artist's sound performance at the Enoura Observatory in Kanagawa.

teamLab's "art with rinkan sauna" (ArtReview Asia, 2021)

/ Review of the digital collective's sauna-as-art experience in Tokyo.

Mieko Kawakami’s Heaven (The Washington Post, 2021)

/ Review of the author's novel about bullying.

/ Critical essay on the development of the show's essential wet blanket.

R.O. Kwon's The Incendiaries (The New York Times, 2018)

/ Review of the author's debut novel about cults and first love.

/ Review of the interactive installation at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.

/ Essay on destination art based on a visit to the Setouchi art islands.


Losing and finding my cool (The Japan Times, 2023)

/ Essay on art and Dao set at the Gwangju Biennale.

On bathing at the rave (The Japan Times, 2022)

/ Love letter to the ladies' onsen in the midst of festival grime.

Hot pockets (the weekly grief, 2022)

/ From my newsletter, finding warmth and safety inside isolation and ignorance.

The iro's journey (the weekly grief, 2022)

/ The eroticism of autumn and the human endeavor to make.

A test of character (the weekly grief, 2022)

/ Continued failure to understand personality.

The snailest mail  (the weekly grief, 2022)

/ Messages across oceans.

Peak women (the weekly grief, 2022)

/ Scenes from walking the Kohechi route of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail.

/ Essay on how to see the world.

/ Family history.


/ Pilot episode of an original comedy about the internet news industry. Semi-finalist for Finish Line Script Competition for original TV pilot script.

Hail Caesar (Scholastic/PUSH, 2007)

/ YA novel. Manuscript was the winner of the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Award for Novel Writing. Named an NYPL Book for the Teen Age. Edited by David Levithan. 

Hayao Miyazaki's Kimi-tachi wa Do Ikeru Ka (Deep Dive from The Japan Times, 2023)

/ As host, conversation with Matt Schley about the film "The Boy and the Heron."

Marina Abramović's "Dream House" (Deep Dive from The Japan Times, 2023)

/ As guest, conversation with Shaun McKenna on "Dream House" and the 2023 Gwangju Biennale.

Yayoi Kusama's legacy (Deep Dive from The Japan Times, 2023)

/ As guest, conversation with  Jason Jenkins on the artist-as-brand.


/ With David Webber, full-day conference that included talks from Chris Jackson, Ian Bremmer, and Jo Firestone.

TEDxNewYork (2014)

/ With David Webber and Adam Kroopnick, full-day conference that included talks from Lam Thuy Vo, Starlee Kine, and Will Stephen.

TED Salon: The Fiction Issue (2013)

/ Evening event that included talks from Parul Sehgal and Téa Obreht.

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